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Organic or Conventional Farming pt 4
Organic or Conventional Farming pt 2
Organic or Conventional Farming
Soybean Marketing Video
Sufur for your Barley?
Cropping Decision 2018
Wet Crop
Fall Cattle Tips
Fertilizer Cost ~ Covenience vs Efficiency 
Fall Tree Care
Soybean Storage
Ugly Bugs!
Pinkeye and Foot Rot a Ranchers Headache
The Integrator
Project Safe Send
NDSU Carrington Center Beef Production Tour Set
Invasive Weeds
Understanding Weed Seed Banks and Germination 
Soybean Tips

All Around the Farm
Dont Rush Field or Garden Work & Soil Temperatures for Germination
Pruning Trees

Have You Started Your Transplants Yet? and Farmers and Ranchers Exempt from Livestock Emissions
Timing of Cover Crops

Starting Your Own Transplants
Growing Degree Days
Ag Improvement Meeting
Local Foods Conference
Soybean Council Elections and DYSP
New Crops for the New Year
Drones Part 3
Drones Part 2 & Farm Bill Payment Calculator

Oilseed Council & Temporary Relocation of Burke Extension Office
Barley  Council

Activities of the North Dakota Soybean Council  Soybean Council
Check Your Bins & Dakota Cattle Conference

2017 Variety Trials Available Fall Horticulture Tips
Soybean Cyst Nematode: How to Sample
Soybean Cyst Nematode: Why Is It Important?

Fall Tree Care & Dandelions
Soybean Harvest

Check Your Grain Bins and Hay Nutrient Analysis
Harvest Talk
Before you Load up the Hay Wagon: Know What Your're Hauling
Drought Resources
Greetings From Salt Lake City & Hay Talk

Leafy Spurge Control & Black Leaf
Non Crop Weed Control
Caring for Spruce and Other Trees