Fall Planting 

          It’s nearly time for fall planting. Late August through September is an optimal time for planting grass, many flower bulbs, garlic, asparagus, and trees.

          It’s not to late for a few annual vegetables either. Radishes planted right now can develop crisp and mild bulbs during cool September nights.

          If you want to grow garlic, fall planted bulbs will producer earlier and larger bulbs next summer.

          If you would like to establish an asparagus bed now is the perfect time. Plant crowns about one foot apart in rows three to four feet apart.  Plant crowns in trenches 6 to 10 inches deep with the tops of the crowns four to six inches below the surface but only cover the crowns with one to two inches of soil. As the srputs emerge add additional soil until the trench is full and then mulch the rows to provide winter protection.

          Looking to start or add to that perennial flower bed? Asters, astilbe, crocus, daffodils, delphiniums, hostas, hydrangeas, peonies, phlox, sedum and tulips are some Zone 3 hardy perennials and bulbs

          Avoid planting bare root trees in the fall. Bur Oak is one species which does seem to do better when planted as a late fall dormant transplant. Evergreens such as spruce and pines can do well when moved with a tree spade in late August through September. Container grown or root ball wrapped trees of most species can be planted in the fall and nurseries often have some great discounted prices this time of year.