Consider Planting Winter Wheat

Get your seed now. If you are considering winter wheat this year it might be a good idea to get your seed lined up if you don’t already have it contracted. With so many prevent plant acres in the state and relatively good soil moisture conditions winter wheat acres are likely to jump dramatically across the state.

Extension Agronomist Clair Keene talks about winter wheat in the August 4th Crop & Pest Report, emphasizing the need to consider winter hardiness along with yield potential. You can find her report, including a table with information about popular varieties at


Keep Scouting for Grasshoppers

          I continue to hear reports of grasshoppers across the county. Many producers have already applied insecticide border treatments on some fields. As surrounding grasslands and noncrop areas begin to mature and harden off grasshoppers can rapidly move into surrounding crops. Be especially vigilant next to CRP fields that are cut for hay.