Insects Problems Continue

I continue to hear about grasshopper infestations around the county. Producers should continue scouting. Especially in and around late planted crops next to recently harvested hay fields or early planted crops which are maturing and thus becoming less palatable for the grasshoppers.

Canola flea beetles are emerging again and although numbers are currently low they may be a concern if you are planting cover crops with brassicas like canola, mustard, turnips, and radishes in the mix.

Soybean aphids may be a concern. Field scouts have found infestations in the region which are above the economic threshold of 250 aphids per plant.


Current Weather Conditions Available At NDAWN Stations

Current weather conditions are now available at all NDAWN weather stations including Bowbells, Portal, Powers Lake, Battleview and Noonan. is a table of all NDAWN stations which is updated every five minutes.

Current data includes air temperature, wind direction, average wind speed, maximum windspeed, relative humidity, dew point and information about the presence  or absence of a temperature inversion. Also included are yesterday’s rainfall, todays rainfall, rainfall in the last hour, today’s maximum and minimum air temperature, and today’s peak wind gust.

Historical data is available in hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly intervals along with daily and monthly normals by following links on website.