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County Agent News  

Dan Folske

Extension Agent, Burke County  



Caring for Spruce and Other Trees

PrePlant Burndowns/Breaking The Green Bridge

When Should I Plant?

Spring Tree Care 2017

Spring Lawn Care 2017

Pruning Trees

Bovine TB Outbreak

Private Pesticide Recertification and Soybeans FAQ (part 3)

Soybean FAQ's cont.

Local Leadership Workshop Scheduled, Soybean FAQs & Private Applicator Training

Nitrogen Fertilizer Apps & High Tunnel Conference

Vegetable Variety Selection

Veterinary Feed Directive

Save the Date: Ag Improvement Annual Meeting

Soybeans: Getting it Right Material

Soybeans: Getting it Right

Apps From NDSU Extension Service

Agricultural Exports Are Important

Fane Farm and Pipeline Safety

What is the Unit of Production, Acres or Cows?

Controlling Cow Size Aids in Controlling Cow Costs

Spray Drift is Serious!

Check Stored Grain

Cattlemen's Update

Backgrounding Calves & 2016 Winter Meeting

What to do With High VOM Grain

Rain, Harvest and Weeds

Those Pesky Dandelions! & Breaking the Green Bridge

How Many Bales Do I Need?

Dreams ~ Opportunity Makes the Future

Grain Storage Moisture

Safe and Natural Insecticides

Wheat Streak Mosaic
Farm Bill Wheat Payments

2016 NDSU Research Center Field Days

Fungicide Timing

Leafy Spurge

More Insects 3 & The Burke County Fair is Around the Corner

More Insect Pests

Caring for Spruce and Other Trees in 2016

Food Exhibits at the 2016 County Fair

Herbicide & Additives

Final Monday of 2016 Spring Forum & Forster Named Director of the NCREC

Spring Fever Garden Forums

Applying Phosphorus

NDSU Workshops for Gardeners 2016

Annual Forages 2016

Spring Fever 2016

Record Low N.D. Wheat Midge Populations Predicted for 2016

Burke County Ag Improvement, Spring Fever & Burke County Fair

Income Tax Filing Deadline is March 1 for Agricultural Producers

Water Quality, New FCS Agent & Local Foods Webinars

Northwest Landowners Association & Vegetable Gardening

Design Your Succession Plan

2016 Crop Budgets and Planning

Burke County Fair Building Drive & Design Your Succession Plan

Succession Planning E-tips

Succession Planning ~ News Release

Proposed EPA Rules Could Impact Producers

Farm Business Succession & Crop Management Meetings

Cow Handling Facilities

Winter Landscaping

Fall and Winter Meeting

NDSU Schedules Calf Backgrounding Program

Pump Your Septic Tank Before Winter

Soil Sampling Following Crop Harvest

Fall Tree Care & Control Dandelions Now

Sustainable Agriculture

2015 Soybean Cyst Nematode Sampling Program

Beef Talk - Future Cattle Markets May Decline

Good Bug Corner ~ Lady Beetle

Green Foxtail, Orange Blossom Midge Cocoon Survey, Succession Planning & Position Available

Range Management School & Winter Wheat Options

Preventing Insect Problems in Grain Bins

Blue Green Algae

Bumps on Leaves

Fusarium Risk High!, National Meeting & Good Bug Corner

More Good Bugs

Fair Week & Good Bugs

Bug Season - Continued, Yellow Fields and Burke County Fair

It's Bug Season!

Field Inspection, Your Lawn & Burke County Fair

Rain and Your Crops, Cattle and Magnesium Supplement

Rain, Frost & Crops

Bugs in Your Garden or Crops and Straw Bale Garden Update

Straw Bale Garden & Cattle "Over Eating" Disease

All Around the Farm

Harrowing Fire Danger, Ambulance Training & Fair Update

Crop Rotations - First Line of Defense

Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer

School Horticulture Project & Fire Safety

Spring Fever (continued) & School Horticulture Project

Spring Fever (continued) & Planting with Bowbells School

Spring Fever

Understanding Sweet Corn & Pesticide Training

Starting Your Own Transplant

Vegetable Gardening

Lower Crop Prices, but Higher Livestock Prices for 2015

Buying Bulls by the Numbers

NDSU Pest Management App & Other Apps Available

Spotlight on Economics: Byproduct Exports Important to Cattle Prices

Avoid Intellectual Property Issues in Your Small Business

Bio Control of Weeds and other Pests

Computer Passwords

2014 Farm Bill & Crop Profit Meeting



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